Rain check policy

Don’t let the weather forecast ruin your day. As we have all come to know, weather predictions and weather forecasts are in most cases wrong, in fact, very wrong. A prediction of 40% chance of precipitation really means 60% PONP (probability of no precipitation).

A chance of thunderstorms really means…at some point during the day, somewhere that the forecasters are very unsure of, there may be a storm, and if there is a storm, in most cases it will blow through in approximately 10 minutes.
So, why do we change our plans for outdoor activities?  Why do we listen to unaccurate weather predictions?

At Golf Mont Cascades, if you get wet our RAIN CHECK POLICY for paid fees is as follows

Getting wet means 15 minutes of consecutive rain fall.
 Paid fees apply to daily greens fees or cart fees paid on the day the rain check is to be issued. (This excludes greens fees for GolfXtra, Corporate Golf and Mont Cascades members). You must provide proof of payment in order to receive a rain check.

This rain check policy is subject to change without notice